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The IACP Offers Students Mental Health Advice for Dealing With Disappointing Results [12/08/19]

Counsellors advise students to “mind their mental health in the face of exam results”

August 13th will see thousands of young Irish people receive their Leaving Certificate Results.

Many will no doubt be delighted with their results and what they will mean for their future, but the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) realise that the results may bring uncertainty and disappointment to some people.

A recent nationwide survey carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of the IACP, found that school and college are the No. 1 cause of stress for those under the age of 25 (mentioned by 48% of all surveyed)

The IACP would like to offer some advice to our nation’s youth and their parents in this potentially stressful time.

Ray Henry, Chair of the IACP, and Counsellor, says “The pressure surrounding exam results can be extremely anxiety inducing for young people. It can be a major contributing factor in mental health issues among students”.

“I advise young people to remain positive. Parents need to be supportive of their children, and help them develop a skill set to cope with stress. Take time to listen to them and allow them a safe space to express their uncertainty and fears”

Ray offers the following tips to students: • “Those feeling anxious or depressed about exam results should seek help from: friends, parents, an IACP accredited counsellor/psychotherapist, a guidance counsellor, a teacher or a doctor” • “Try to keep your perspective, your results are not the true measure of your value as a human being” • “Know that these feelings are only temporary and will pass in time” • “Don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t think of your results as a disappointment see it as an opportunity for future growth” • “Take today to enjoy yourself, allow yourself a few days to gain some perspective on your results”

Ray is available for interview and is willing to discuss how parents and young people can deal with their emotions surrounding the results. To find out more about the IACP or for a list of accredited counsellors or psychotherapists in your area, visit


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