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Carl Berkeley Memorial Award 

This national award honours a fully paid up member of IACP who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the counselling profession by creating or influencing counselling projects or counselling development work at local and national level.

Award Criteria Information

The person’s contributions may be through some or all of the following criteria:

  • Program development,
  • Community counselling service
  • Organising, writing, research
  • Professional activities

Awardees should meet, establish and promote the highest professional and
ethical standards and may be recognised as leaders in their field

Eligible nominees will be knowledgeable, demonstrate creativity and succeed in
stretching the boundaries defining the parameters of good practice

Fulfils or exceeds the criteria (below) for some or all of the criteria for the IACP

  • A fully paid up member who makes a notable contribution to the profession of Counselling and Psychotherapy, or to the Counselling and Psychotherapy Community in their Region.
  • Service contributions can include development of creative educational or training programs (does not include personal business initiatives), or other novel activities in the advancement of the profession
  • A member who has made outstanding practice contributions to the profession locally (i.e. setting up local charitable agencies, etc.)
  • Practice contributions can include breadth and / or depth of practice activities, innovations in service delivery locally and contributes to diversity, and / or other notable contributions (does not include personal business initiatives)
  • Building awareness of IACP and its operations within the Region
  • A member who gives significant voluntary time to IACP Committee work and / or general Counselling and Psychotherapy advocacy
  • A member who makes contributions to increasing awareness of standards of Counselling and Psychotherapy within the Region

Nominations for this award are assessed by a selected committee and approved by
the IACP Board of Directors whose decision will be confidential and final.

The successful nominee will receive the Carl Berkeley Memorial Trophy to be held for one year along with a CBMA ornamental pin in perpetuity which a nominee can wear to show that they are a recipient of the award at official functions.

Nominations can be put forward in all cases by a member, a Regional Committee or by the Board of Directors. No selfnominations will be accepted.

An awards panel (Five IACP members nominated by the Board of Directors) will be
selected to review the nominations submitted within 6 weeks of a final submission date which will be published in Éisteach or by Enews. This panel’s decision will be confidential and final.

No member of an IACP committee or working group will be eligible to receive the award while serving their term.

Memorial Award Recipients

  • 2016 - Christine Moran
    2014- Marcella Finnerty
  • 2012 - Marina Sweeney
  • 2011 - Ursula O'Farrell
  • 2010 - Eoin Stephens
  • 2009 - Margaret Watchorn
  • 2008 - Vincent Humphreys
  • 2007 - Denise O' Dowd 
  • 2006 - Liam Mc Carthy

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AGM Dublin Regional Committee (25/01/18)
Dublin Regional Committee AGM



SRC Network Evening - Topic Supports available in Kerry Women's Refuge (29/01/18)
Presenter: Emma O'Mahony- Kerry's Women Refuge Centre Topic:The supports that are offered to women at the centre will be outlined.



The IACP provides a standard of practice, professional identity, and self-regulation for the Counselling and Psychotherapy professions.  



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Timeframe for statutory registration


Draft regulations to designate the professions of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and to establish a registration board will be ready for submission to the Houses of the Oireachtas for their approval during the present session, the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, has told the Dail.


The Minister recently concluded a public consultation on  his proposal to regulate counsellors generally under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005.


On foot of the consultation process, He has decided to proceed with the designation of two distinct professions under the Act, that of counsellor and psychotherapist. Each will have its own register under one registration board. This decision has been communicated to the Health and Social Care Professionals Council, the relevant professional bodies and all the respondents to the public consultation process.


Subject to the approval of the Houses, the next step will be the appointment of the 13 members of the registration board, following the submission of suitable candidates for the Minister's consideration, by the Public Appointments Service. The aim is that the registration board will be in a position early in the New Year to begin the task of drafting the various bye-laws to allow it to establish its registers.



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