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IACP Regional Award Policy

Award Criteria

The IACP Regional Award aims to recognise a person who meets some, or all, of the following criteria:

  • A fully paid up member who makes a notable contribution to the profession of Counselling and Psychotherapy, or to the Counselling and Psychotherapy Community in their Region.
    • Service contributions can include development of creative educational or training programs (does not include personal business initiatives), or other novel activities in the advancement of the profession
  • A member who has made outstanding practice contributions to the profession locally (i.e. setting up local charitable agencies, etc.)
    • Practice contributions can include breadth and / or depth of practice activities, innovations in service delivery locally and contributes to diversity, and / or other notable contributions (does not include personal business initiatives)
  • Building awareness of IACP and its operations within the Region
  • A member who has given significant voluntary time to IACP Committee work and / or general Counselling and Psychotherapy advocacy
  • A member who makes contributions to increasing awareness of standards of Counselling and Psychotherapy within the Region

Other Information

  • Nominations can be put forward in all cases by either a current Regional Committee or by the Board of Directors.
  • No self-nominations will be accepted.
  • Multiple submissions for the same individual will not be reviewed unless substantial new information is included in the subsequent nomination.
  • If the nominated person is successful they will receive the IACP Regional Award to be kept in perpetuity.
  • Once successful the nominee is ineligible to be nominated for any further award for a period of three years.
  • No member of an IACP Regional committee will be eligible to receive the award while serving their term.
  • Only one nominee will be awarded from each region in any one year.



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