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Supervision Requirements

Different membership categories are subject to different supervision requirements. Before engaging with a supervisor, it is important to be aware of the following information.


Who Can Supervise?

It is required by the IACP that a Counsellor / Psychotherapist or a Student Counsellor / Psychotherapist must choose a Supervisor who is one of –

a) an IACP Accredited Supervisor
b) a BACP* Accredited Supervisor or
c) an IAHIP Accredited Supervisor

(Please note – it is the supervisee’s responsibility to check that their Supervisor is accredited with one of the above organisations).

*If contracting with a BACP Accredited Supervisor, please ensure that the supervisor hold a BACP Senior Accredited status plus supervisor qualification. These requirements are due to the BACP reconfiguring membership categories (16/10/2023). If you have any queries regarding a pre-existing contract, please contact the IACP).

Finding a Supervisor

There is a ‘Register of IACP Accredited Supervisors’ on the IACP website

In order to work ethically, the practitioner shall ‘ensure that their Supervisor does not occupy other significant roles in their lives’ (Code of Ethics 4.3.6).

N.B. If in doubt whether the proposed Supervisor meets the above criteria, it is the responsibility of the Supervisee to check with the IACP prior to the commencement of supervision.

Supervisor’s Report Form

(required when applying for Accreditation or Re-accreditation)

Supervisors must be familiar with and be guided by IACP Accreditation Criteria.
Supervisors must also be familiar with the IACP Code of Ethics and Practice for Counsellors / Psychotherapists and the IACP Code of Ethics for Supervisors.

All applications for accreditation and renewal of accreditation must include a completed IACP Supervisor's Report Form from the applicant's supervisor/s. 

If you have changed Supervisor within the accreditation period a Supervision Report form will be required from each Supervisor.

At the completion of a Supervision contract the supervisor is required to fill out the Supervisor’s Report Form for Accreditation or re-accreditation. The supervisor must also check that the supervisee’s CPD log is up to date and countersign CPD certificates to the date of ending the contract. It is then the supervisee’s responsibility to present these documents when applying for accreditation or reaccreditation.

The Applicant’s current Supervisor must:

Have been supervising the applicant for at least 12 months immediately preceding the application if the applicant (pre accredited) is applying for accreditation for the first time. (This requirement does not apply to accredited members).

Have read the Applicant’s completed application before filling in the Supervisor’s Report Form.

Please Note:
The Supervisor’s Report Form should be filled out by the supervisor in discussion with the supervisee. This report should encapsulate the supervisor’s knowledge of the standard and scope of the supervisee’s professional work and relationship with clients.

The supervisor signs for the hours of supervision done.
The current supervisor signs that he/she has read the application form.
The supervisor is the ‘gate-keeper’ of standards. Incorrect information on Application Forms or Report Forms is an ethical issue which will be taken very seriously.

For IACP Members Working Outside of 32 counties:

To fulfill the IACP Supervision requirements, Audio (tele) or Videoconferencing (VC) Supervision can be accepted for the purpose of accreditation/ reaccreditation as long as it is done with the use of a safe medium. The onus is on the IACP Member/ Supervisor to make sure that the medium is secure and all aspects of confidentiality are protected. Also, the IACP Member/ Supervisor must have an appropriate insurance cover for such working arrangement and be aware of the legal requirements of the country that they are working in.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the Supervisor’s Responsibilities

Following accreditation all IACP members must comply with the annual CPD requirements. 

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to review CPD annually with the supervisee.
The supervisor must read and sign the supervisee’s CPD log, sight CPD certificates and discuss the CPD needs for the next 12 month period.

Supervisors must be familiar with the IACP Framework for Continuing Professional Development.


Supervision is a contractual relationship. It is good practice for the Supervisor and supervisee to have mutually discussed and signed a contract.

It is also good practice to keep brief notes of Supervision sessions which are dated and signed.

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The Association is not authorised to issue contact details of Non-Accredited Members


Find a Supervisor in your area


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The Association is not authorised to issue contact details of Non-Accredited Members

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