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One-day conference on psychoanalysis

Memory 'acts like a foreign body'

A Dublin solicitor, Albert Llussà (above), who practices in asylum/refugee law and mental health law, has helped organise a one-day conference on psychoanalysis. The organizers are a study group made up of a number of practising psychoanalysts and professionals in the fields of education, mental health and the law. The group is currently studying the work of  renowned French psychoanalyst Dr Charles Melman.

The conference will hear contributions from Dr Melman himself, as well as from other psychoanalysts from France, the UK and Ireland, which will explore questions such as the relationship between what is foreign and hysteria, and psychoanalysis and being a foreigner, among others.

The 'Why was Psychoanalysis founded by an Emigrant?' conference is being organized by New Studies on Hysteria (Dublin), in collaboration with the École Pratique des Hautes Études en Psychopathologies (Paris). It will be held on Saturday, December 9, 2017 between 09:00 and  18:00, at Edmund Hall, Marino Institute of Education,  Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9.

This conference arises out of an ongoing seminar which translates and discusses Charles Melman's work New Studies on Hysteria. This working group has been together for over two years. The group includes graduates of Dublin Business School, St Vincent's University Hospital and Trinity College Dublin. Helen Sheehan is translating this work of Dr Melman. This one day conference will address, as it's title suggests, a fundamental question for psychoanalysis: "why was psychoanalysis founded by an emigrant?"

As early as 1893 the question of the 'foreign' was raised by Freud and Breuer in their Preliminary Communication in "Studies on Hysteria". Referring to psychical trauma they write that its memory "acts like a foreign body which long after it's entry must continue to be regarded as an agent that is still at work".

Is there a necessary link between what is foreign and hysteria? Is there something about the nature of psychoanalysis itself which invokes what it means to be a foreigner? This day, therefore, will attempt to address basic psychoanalytic questions.

Speakers include Gerard Amiel (Grenoble) - 'The Matter of Absence' , Terry Ball (Dublin) - 'Reconstructing Reminiscences', Paul Bothorel (Brittany) - 'Post Exilium Ostende', Glenn Brady (Dublin) - 'Moving away from the Familiar', Nellie Curtin (Dublin) - 'Freud's interest in the origins of humanity as reflected in his theory of Psychoanalysis', Tom Dalzell (Dublin) - 'Lacan's Moses', Guy Le Gaufey (Paris) - 'Being a Stranger to Oneself', Ros McCarthy (Dublin) - "We see in the mechanism of Hysteria something which is a defence against dissatisfaction" (Melman -Seminar 8, New Studies On Hysteria), Malachi McCoy (Dublin) - 'An Intolerable Rejection', Charles Melman (Paris) - 'Why was psychoanalysis founded by an emigrant?, Stephanie Metcalfe (Dublin) - 'What did Freud allow the Hysteric to teach him?', Barry O’Donnell (Dublin) - 'A Foreign Tongue', Helen Sheehan (Dublin) - 'Aliens, this way please', Gerry Sullivan (London) - 'Silence...Cunning',

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