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IACP Annual Conference 2018
Into the Future

Dr Terry Lynch - Guest Speaker

Terry Lynch is an Irish physician, psychotherapist, mental health educator, best-selling author and provider of a recovery-oriented mental health service in Limerick, Ireland.


For nine years (2003-2012), Terry Lynch was a member of three Irish Government-appointed expert mental health groups, including the Expert Group on Mental Health Policy which formulated A Vision for Change, Ireland’s official mental health policy document, published in 2006. He was also appointed by the CEO of the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) to the Expert Advisory Group of Mental Health (2006-8).


Terry Lynch believes that one of the most serious problems and challenges within mental health globally is the systematic, misguided and largely scientifically unevidenced repackaging of human distress, overwhelm, trauma and the effects of trauma into various categories of so-called ‘mental illness’.  


Terry is committed to contributing to the urgently-needed paradigm change in global mental health - from the current fundamentally-flawed medicalization of human pain and distress to an approach that honours the centrality of trauma, overwhelm and its effects within the experiences and behaviours that come to be referred to as “mental illness”.


Details of Terry Lynch’s mental health courses for mental health practitioners and the public; books; blog; and work are available at www.doctorterrylynch.com 


Presentation Topic: Reflections on the Future of Counselling and Psychotherapy


Presentation Content:

It has been estimated that if the recommendations that are contained within the DSM-5 were to be fully implemented, a psychiatric diagnosis would apply to half the adult population.


A role for psychotherapy is accepted for some psychiatric diagnoses. Within the prevailing approach to global mental health however, it is generally considered that the experiences and behaviours that come to be collectively described as psychiatric diagnoses largely fall within the remit of the medical profession.


In his talk, Dr. Terry Lynch will set out the appropriateness of a significantly expanded future role for psychotherapy in relation to the psychiatric diagnoses. He will provide examples that illustrate the current under-rating of psychotherapeutic work in people given various psychiatric diagnoses.

Ginny Hanrahan - Guest Speaker

Ginny Hanrahan is the CEO of CORU, the regulatory body established by the Minister for Health to regulate Health and Social Care Professionals.


CORU’s role is to protect the public by promoting high standards of professional conduct, education, training and competence through statutory registration of health and social care professionals.


CORU currently regulates dietitians, dispensing opticians, occupational therapists, optometrists, physiotherapists, radiographers, radiation therapists, social workers and speech and language therapists. Other professions due to be regulated by CORU include: clinical biochemists, medical scientists, orthoptists, podiatrists, psychologists, social care workers and counsellors and psychotherapists.


Ginny trained as an Occupational Therapist in the mid-1980’s and provided direct patient care for 17 years in Ireland, Scotland, England and Australia. She was the Head of Clinical Services in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin for seven years prior to setting up CORU in May 2008. She holds an MSc in Community Health from Trinity College Dublin.


Presentation Topic: Early Days Preparation for Regulation of Counsellors and Psychotherapists


Presentation Content:

On the 2 July 2018, Counsellors and Psychotherapists became designated as professions to be regulated under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005, which originally had 12 professions designated for regulation and now has become 15, prior to the addition of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. 


Of the 15 professions to be regulated, 9 professions currently have registers open, with the next register due to open in November 2018; 2 registration boards have board members appointed and are working towards the regulation of their professions, with another registration board due to be appointed later this year. 


Ginny’s presentation will outline the typical journey to statutory regulation with CORU, but will also address some of the complex issues that will face Counsellors and Psychotherapists on their journey to statutory regulation.